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Gourmet Superfood Blends & Grinds


Start CRAVING the good stuff! 

CRAVE SUPER blends are a delicious way to add many of the nutrients, fiber and protein your body needs and craves.  

Most of us do not get enough nutrients in our every day foods.  If the body is missing an essential nutrient or needs energy, it will crave food in search for the missing nutrients or to gain an energy boost.  The problem is, most people turn to sugar, starches and refined carbs because it gives us a short burst of energy and temporary “feel good” moment.  Unfortunately, sugar and carbs are lacking in nutrients and they are high on the glycemic index, spiking our blood sugar and then setting us up for a hard crash, leaving us more depleted than before. 

Adding nutrient rich foods, such as superfoods to your diet, gives the body a range of nutrients that are easily absorbed and used by the body. When the body gets what it is looking for, it will start to trigger your cravings for the good stuff rather than the bad.  In fact, that is how we got our name; CRAVE SUPER!  

Each CRAVE SUPER blend is pure whole foods and spices, featuring superfoods.  No fillers, no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no corn, no GMO ingredients are used.  Just pure whole food combined to make delicious and nutritious blends.

I encourage you to scroll through the website and learn more about each product.  Each blend offers different benefits and can be used in many different ways.  Make sure to check out our grinder blends, too!  They are a great way to get fresh and healthy flavor and they make great gifts!  

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